In late 2010 it was recognised by the Peel Region’s Local Governments that Mandurah and the wider Peel Region had been experiencing unprecedented population growth, but this was not being matched by economic outcomes, nor was it being matched by State and Federal Government infrastructure and service provision funding.

Although Councils in the Region had been – individually for the most part – doing their best to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of the region’s rapid growth they had been mostly unsuccessful.

Regional governance and decision making was reviewed and the outcome was that key stakeholder organisations resolved to establish the Peel Regional Leaders Forum (PRLF) as a means of providing effective leadership, and ensuring the long-term triple-bottom-line sustainability of the Peel Region.

The objectives of the PRLF are to:

• Reinforce, promote and enhance the identity, regional boundary of Peel, ensuring its retention as a region

• Facilitate the economic development, ecological integrity and social wellbeing to benefit the people and environment of the Peel region

• Encourage collaboration internally and externally to develop and implement mutually and regionally beneficial projects